EMOVE® - the original mover

Why struggle with backing up your Travel Trailer when there is an easier way? Disconnect your tow vehicle and maneuver your trailer safely by simply using the remote control. With the two electric motors engaged you can spin your trailer on a dime (zero radius) or back it into the tightest parking spots with ease! 

EMOVE® started with the development of a Travel Trailer maneuvering system at the end of 2005 and after bringing it to the European market it was an immediate success. Recent studies have shown that as many as 40% of new Travel Trailers are being fitted with remote maneuvering systems. Now we are bringing the EMOVE® to the North American market. 

EMOVE® products are developed and engineered in Germany - for us it is important that the balance between Value and Superb quality is maintained. We are already working on future products and just launched the bluetooth EMOVE® where you can use your Smartphone to remotely control your Travel Trailer. 

At this EMOVE® website you will find an overview of our Travel Trailer maneuvering systems and other Travel Trailer accessories. All of this has been developed by ourselves on which we have patents on multiple (sub) products.